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It is the Campus Placement Time and we all want to hire the best of students passing out from colleges. But how to screen these students ensuring that we get the good fit for our organizations.During the interview process it is very difficult to understand how an interviewee behaves in real life situations.  Generally, it is observed that when people are made to perform in a group exercise they display their patterns of behaviour. Also, if we create stressful situations in the task  human beings resort to their natural behaving patterns to overcome stress. It is during this time, that it gives an insight to the recruiter about whether the candidate displays the attitude that we are looking for. The knowledge is taught in the colleges. The CGPA, SPI, CPI scores of the students give us an idea about how academically good the students are. The skills are learned by the students with the support of various projects and internships and also through the induction training that the company provides them with. But how to measure the attitude.
How do we identify whether the student carries the attitude which would be most compatible with the existing culture. And is it always possible to infer this from a personal interview. We at TATVIC do not always agree with.
To ensure that an individual is a culture fit, we often make the candidate go through a testing period of few months. In this period the employee and candidate tries to understand whether their mutual needs are being met. However, this is not always possible. To overcome this problem, we’ve initiated an assessment process where the interviewee is made to play a game in team and observe his most natural behavior which usually cannot be gauged through personal interview.
Tatvic at B K School of management
Please read this article about how the team @ TATVIC came up with this innovative method to assess the students. The obvious outcome, it helped us match the right fit. The interviewees had fun, did not feel the pressure of the interview process and could interact with us more openly than they would in a strict interview process.
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Jhanavi Shah

Jhanavi Shah is a GAIQ certified professional, working as a CSM at Tatvic Analytics. She is a data enthusiast and enjoys applying her data analysis skill to extract insights from large data sets, developing a meaningful construct to ensure client success. She loves discovering new places and adventure activities.

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