Exit Intent Popups technology guide to prevent Page Abandonment

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Exit Intent Popups technology guide to prevent Page Abandonment

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Exit Intent Popups: Here’s how to Prevent users from leaving your website

Pop-ups are now used on most websites. However, they are difficult to appreciate. Today, they are more annoying and out of sync with a user being interrupted and spammed.

While they can also be a powerful way to change user focus and provide suggestions that work, they can do more harm than good to your brand. Unfortunately, you can find more instances where popups are being poorly implemented. They often convey the wrong information at the worst possible time with terrible design and offer.

People catch on quickly if you look to be a shady company asking them to signup for a mailing list.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing everything on the exit-intent popups and how they can help you become better at lead gen.

What is an exit-intent pop-up?

The term exit intent has become increasingly popular in recent years. It helps to track a user’s movements so that when the user exhibits the behavior of leaving your website, we can draw their attention back.

In this post, we’ll show you the broader context of the entire thought process behind this lead generation strategy. You will also find some relevant use cases that will be easy to implement. we will help you to introspect how similar use cases can be used for your process and yield better results.

Why do we need the exit-intent pop-ups?

Exit Intent has helped marketers improve their conversion rates significantly. This technology has the potential to convert 10 to 15 percent of abandoning site visitors.

Marketers use this technology to enhance their sales conversion and customer base. The technology additionally helps design more targeted ads for specific site visitor segments, improving their conversion chances.

The Exit Intent pop-up allows marketers to engage potential customers again by presenting compelling information and making sure they don’t leave the site without seeing the best, or by providing a better feedback mechanism that could not have been captured otherwise.

How exit-intent pop-ups work?

The technology applies algorithms to detect the movements of the user while interacting with your site. It can be a mouse cursor moving to an exit option, an address bar, a new tab, or just a close button. 

When the visitor’s actions match this user interaction behavior, the technology triggers a dialog box on the user’s screen with a custom message so that they stick to your site.

In other words, these algorithms can detect when a visitor is about to leave your site. it will help you re-engage visitors and prevent them from leaving their websites.

Where can you implement these exit-intent pop-ups?

It will provide you the benefits of the technology, which ultimately focuses on converting the user. Below are some use cases where this technology can be implemented:  

  • Redirect the visitor to other engaging content
  • Recover abandoned carts in an eCommerce website
  • Promote an important event
  • Grow your subscriber’s list
  • To target specific visitor segments
  • Collect feedback from form abandoning users 
  • Translate your popups for different audiences
  • Inform new visitors of products or services
  • Increase Sales with specific campaigns
  • Target Visitors with relevant messages based on geography
  • Use Scarcity to increase the conversion rates for time-based campaigns

Let’s take a closer look at this case and how pop-ups with exit intent can come to the rescue. The main purpose of exit intent for the form abandoner was to collect feedback from the users who planned to leave the lead/form submission page after spending a certain amount of time on the page (for example,> 30 seconds).

How exit intent helped in collecting feedback from form abandoner? 

Exit Intent helped determine the cause of the user who wanted to leave the website after spending some time on the lead/form submission page. Perhaps the user thought the premium was high, got a better deal from the competitor, or was unhappy with the UI. User feedback helps to gain actionable insights and understand customers’ needs.

How exit intent pop up blogs can save abandonment rate


As we’ve portrayed, having a viable and thorough marketing strategy for applying exit-intent pop-ups that can make your website thrive and stop visitors from leaving. We know that every business is different, so we’ve presented a rather universal approach covering just the most essential cases.

Want to implement this solution on your platform? Know how we helped the likes of ICICI, UpGrad, among others. Contact us today!

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