Anonymous Tracking of visitor using visitor id

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Anonymous Tracking of visitor using visitor id

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When a user visits your website and performs any activity involved with your website. i.e. viewing videos, purchasing products, requesting services that you may offer. Now in this competitive age it becomes necessary to keep up to the pace with the taste of your user base and constantly upgrading with your offerings. Using Google Analytics as a constant input always helps website owners to decide on the critical business needs, to grow or to reach to end user. Now if you can identify user’s behavior tagging them anonymously would give a detailed analysis which would give you additional advantage while fulfilling your user’s requirement.

For example, if an e-commerce owner would know that people from certain region prefer free-shipping and from other region they prefer using discount coupon codes and purchases more. While identifying such users would help website owner to create unique offers on his web store.

How to do anonymous tracking

Now we have come up with a small piece of JavaScript code that tags each visitor as a uniquely generated number and sets it into custom variable on visitor level and pushes it to Google Analytics. Once the data is collected in your Google Analytics profile. You can analyze these data for each user’s behavior, which would help you to create unique offerings from your website.


You can download the code “Visitor Id Tracking” from our JavaScript Resource section. Once you download the code you need to integrate it on your website using the instructions provided with it.

Note: This solution uses custom variable 1 on visitor level so make sure if you are already using custom variable on your site update the code accordingly to use available custom variable on your website.

Once you have all the data collected you can view it in your GA interface like below:

Now you can either use GA interface to create different reports or extract data using GA API v3 and use the data for your next level of analysis.

Some use cases of implementation:

  • You can use this script to identify browsing behavior of your users.
  • You can know what kind of offerings works best on your e-commerce store and how individual user reacts to it.
  • You can create unique offers based on user’s behavior i.e. providing free shipping if you see constant drop after shipping calculations in checkout process.
  • Promote specific products for specific users.
  • Provide unique contents.

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