5-Ecommerce Website Analysis Project Reports You Should Use|5-Ecommerce Website Analysis Project Reports You Should Use

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5-Ecommerce Website Analysis Project Reports You Should Use

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Google Analytics introduces new features frequently; while some features are a part of an ongoing Enhancement, a few changes the way we look at the data & prove to be Game Changers.

I’d rate the introduction of ‘Enhanced E-commerce in such a category. GA has hit the bull’s eye with the introduction of ‘Enhanced E-commerce. It has opened a cornucopia of powerful insights and actionable data for analysts, marketers, and eCommerce store owners. Enhanced Ecommerce gives a detailed overview of user behavior from landing to final purchase, on the performance of the store’s Products’, Promotional Activities, Discount offers, Search results, drop off in user journey, etc.

In our earlier blog post, Bhoomika showed you how to implement Enhanced Ecommerce on your online store and today I will show you how to generate insights & take business decisions based on the Enhanced eCommerce website project report. I will explain major Enhanced eCommerce analytics reports one by one and give you brief information on what each report brings to the table in terms of insights from data and actionability.

  • E-Commerce Shopping Website Project Report
  • Google Analytics Product Performance Report
  • Internal Promotion Google Analytics Report
  • Internal Site Search Behavior Report
  • Coupon Code Performance Report

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Google Analytics Shopping Behavior Analysis Report:

The b2b eCommerce Shopping & Checkout behavior report gives you a detailed view of how online users engage with your site after landing on your webpage. Further, it also gives an idea about % drop-offs at every stage of the funnel. It gives you a precise and clear representation of how users progress through various sections of your website.

Shopping Behavior Funnel Report

(Shopping Behavior Report)

Checkout Behavior Funnel Report

(Checkout Behavior Report)

Valuable insights:

  • Which stage of your website is causing high drop-offs and leaking revenue
  •  The behavior pattern of New vs. returning users on your website

New vs. Returning Users

  • Further, you can segment these users based on different dimensions such as medium, device, location, etc

Medium wise Segmentation of users`

Action plan:

This report will help business owners in taking important strategic decisions like:

  • Site optimization on device/platform, wherein some of the stages are highly abandoned
  • Tap revenue leakage from high drop-offs stages
  • Changing the design of high-off stages
  • Bringing users back who had abandoned the checkout process

Google Analytics Product Performance Report:

This report can be considered the most useful addition to Google Analytics. With this report, Google finally fulfilled the demand of eCommerce store owners by adding the most beneficial product-level data in Google Analytics. One can compare the performance of each product according to its purchase, revenue, cart removals, product page views, add-to-carts, cart-to-details rate, and buy-to-detail rate with the help of this report. Each product’s performance can be analyzed and business decisions can be taken based on it.

Product Performance Report

Earlier, a product’s popularity was determined by its quantity and revenue generated by it, but this is not always the same. The reason behind this is that there may be several other products with high product page views, but lesser conversions. With a Product Performance Report one can directly compare products and can carry out product conversion rate analysis.

Brand Performance Report

In the Product Performance section, we can get another important report on ‘Brand Performance’, which lets you compare and analyze each brand’s Sales Performance and shopping behavior data.

Valuable insights:

  • Products/product categories that are getting high visibility among users, but lower visibility to add to carts (ATC).
  • Product/Product categories that are getting removed on a frequent basis from the shopping carts.
  • Brands that are showing better performance and are generating high revenue

Action plan:

  • You can offer discounts on products that have high product view rates but lower add-to-cart rates.
  • You can win back those users who have abandoned the shopping cart using remarketing and thus can improve product revenue
  • Remarketing integration can be carried out with Enhanced Ecommerce which will save you a lot of money as it decreases the dependency factor on Cart recovery tools.
  • Brand performance enables you to take tactical decisions from an investment perspective.
  • Importing product-level data in Google Analytics opens up a whole new level of possibilities
  • And if you can import product-level metadata into GA then it opens up a whole new level of possibilities that as a business owner you always wish to have. Let’s take a few examples-
    • If you can import Product Profit % data into GA and compare product performance data vs. Profit then you can take many strategic decisions such as lowering the selling price of products which is having higher Profit % and lower cart rate
    • You can increase the profit margin for those products which constantly generate high revenue for the store and you can monitor the impact on product performance directly from GA (I know that it’s not as easy as I have written here, that’s why we have built this Price Optimization tool)
    • You can import data on Avg. review scores for products and compare the relation between review scores and product revenue

Internal Promotion Google Analytics Report:

Internal Promotion Report

This report on Enhanced Ecommerce will make marketers’ life much easy. Till now, it was difficult for them to check the accurate performance of internal promotions banners of the store in GA without the need for customization. The best solution for this is to implement event tracking and track clicks on each banner. But kudos to GA as now, with this report one, can track the performance of each of the banners in terms of Impressions, Clicks, CTR, position, and sequence-wise. Learn how to Implement an Internal Promotion Report.

With this report, you can track the performance of each banner in terms of Clicks, impressions, and CTR in terms of position and sequence wise.

Valuable insights:

  • Which of the banner is performing better in terms of CTR
  • How image positioning is actually creating an impact on CTR

Action plan:

  • It proves helpful for marketers in taking certain decisions such as which product should be highlighted on the banner
  • Deciding about the position of the product image in the banner to get a higher CTR
  • Changing the Design & Copy of the banner with lower CTRs

Internal Site Search Behavior Report:

Internal search is a very important functionality to measure the progress of any eCommerce store. Through this report, you will be able to check which products are getting high visibility from search results and is this traffic getting converted or not. It gives you a fair idea about how products are faring in search results. How many times a product appears and its CTR.

Internal Search Behavior Report

This report gives you an overview of how products are faring in search results. How many times product appeared and what is the CTR?

Valuable insights:

  • The most popular products on your eCommerce store.
  • Are people actually getting what they are searching for from search pages?
  • Do products that have high impressions on search pages purchased more often than the rest of the products?

 Action plan:

  • Products with high impressions can be included in the main banner itself
  • Discounts can be offered on products with high search CTR, but low revenue
  • Products/product categories with high search impressions can be highlighted
  • Calibrate the search mechanism on the site if you observe high search impressions for products but low CTR

Coupon Code Performance Report:

This new report in UA now allows eCommerce stores to track the Product or Order coupons that are part of Transactions. It allows the comparison of coupons in terms of Revenue, AOV, and Transactions.

Coupon Performance Report

Valuable insights:

Coupons report in UA offers several insights into the popularity of coupons and their impact on stores.

  • Which of your coupon are used most? e.g. – As we can see in the above report, Coupon no. 2 has been used most and with higher AOV
  • Which coupons are generating higher Revenue?
  • Which coupons are impacting AOV the most? e.g.- Coupon no.3 from the above report has a significantly lower AOV than the site average.

Action plan:

Insights into Coupons usage can help you in taking several business decisions

  • Helps you to strategize coupon offers- If you know which coupons are popular and which ones are impacting AOV the most, you can strategize your coupon strategy accordingly.
  • For which products coupons can be awarded more- Analyzing the impact of Product coupons and getting an understanding of how coupons are driving product purchases can help you in selling some of the less popular products and thus increase the revenue.

How much discounts can be offered on products- By analyzing the impact of Coupons on AOV business owners can play with Discount offerings of Products. e.g.- If coupons are impacting AOV negatively, owners can decrease the discount offerings of the coupons

Thus, these reports prove as a boon for eCommerce retailers by providing them with useful insights regarding user behavior in eCommerce stores and action plans which can be taken based upon it. This in turn helps them to take several important decisions to improvise their eCommerce online store and to earn good profits.

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Malvi is a GAIQ Certified professional and works as CSM at Tatvic Analytics. Interested in generating a various types of insights from the data collected. She loves exploring new places.

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