3 Personalization Challenges You Can Solve Using Google Optimize 360

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3 Personalization Challenges That You Can Solve with Google Optimize 360

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Google Optimize 360

The webinar on website personalization with Google Optimize 360 covered use cases for domains like eCommerce, Digital Publishers and Lead Generation. The response was overwhelming and we received many queries from our users. All those queries were in and around related to the executing personalization experiments. The problem seems to be the perception of website personalization as a big challenge. Things have now changed for the better. Personalization and content experimentation is not as difficult anymore. With the right solution, you can start personalizing your website with fewer challenges. In this blog post, I have covered 3 most common challenges in executing website personalization. We will also see how Google Optimize 360 is the perfect solution to address all such challenges.

Delivering to Different Customer Personas

Website Personalization

Showing relevant content to relevant user segments is what personalization is all about. You can identify your user segments from user behavior and actions on the website.  It is definitely challenging to cater to different user types at the same time. Discrepancy reflects when your analytics data and personalization delivery system are not integrated. This is where  Google Optimize 360 feature ‘Targeting GA Audiences’ comes into play. Thanks to this feature, all you have to do is, link your Analytics and Optimize account. Once that’s done, you can identify different customer personas with information from GA. Now, you are all set to create Audiences out of the same. This enables you to target many customer personas on your website at any given time. Not only this! Your Google Optimize 360 account links with your AdWords account. This enables delivery of personalized landing pages based on keywords, ad groups, or campaigns associated with an ad. All this can be done without messing up with the query parameters in destination URLs. Such unique integrations with personalization delivery tool gives competitive advantage for your website.

Measuring the Impact of Personalization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Testing personalization hypothesis is one of the best practices. While experimenting, one may derive many reports and come up with various insights. But we often face difficulty in determining the success of a personalization experiment. This confusion arises from the unclear scenario from the given data. In such cases, advanced statistical approach of determination can help. Optimize 360 uses the Bayesian statistical method to model the performance of experiment. This delivers clear and action-oriented results. The reporting in Optimize is based on Analytics. It means, you can segment your personalization experiment audience into your Analytics. Using these segments you can analyze the impact of personalization hypothesis. Whether it is on new visitors or users from a specific channel, you can get a deeper understanding of the impact on your business.

Efficient Project Management

Personalization Challenges

Managing personalization experiments in an organized way seems to be a commonly faced challenge. This specific challenge arises because of increased interdependency between two different operational teams. The marketing team has to rely on IT and development team for help to put in place some personalization tactics. The visual editor feature in Google Optimize 360 comes to rescue in such a scenario. It enables a non-tech professional to create personalized variants for users eliminating dependency. It also keeps a track of changes in variants in chronological order. Additionally, this tool enables the project manager to give role-based access and control the process of implementation. This allows an efficient management of all the personalization experiments. Moreover, these features also help create and maintain standardized processes for content experiments.

Concluding Thoughts

Things have now changed and personalization being a business challenge is only a perception. Google Optimize 360 is truly the powerhouse of website personalization. With this next-gen tool, you can test personalization strategies with minimal efforts. In case of any questions on Google Optimize 360, feel free to leave comments below and I will be happy to answer.

Tatvic does offer solutions for Google Optimize 360.

Nirmit Titiya

Nirmit Titiya

Nirmit Titiya is a Creative Designer at Tatvic. Nirmit has an illustrated history in designing User Interfaces, Websites and Programmatic Ads. He is a dynamic and innovative professional with hands-on experience in the digital design industry.

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